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Special Notices
We are pleased to announce that a THIRD Memorial Book has recently been published by the Sowinski family, showing a wide range of Stan Sowinski's sketchbook art completed during his lifetime.  It contains 100 black and white and color images of Mr. Sowinski's sketchbook drawings. 
Titled, A Legacy of Art Volume III, the latest book can be ordered at the Bookemon website link shown directly below this box.  You can preview, review, order, pay for and have book #3 delivered directly to you by using the link below this box.
The SECOND book, A Legacy Of Art, Volume II, can be ordered at the Blurb website shown beow.  You can review and order this book and have it mailed to you directy by using the link below this box.
The FIRST Memorial Book, A Legacy of Art, can also be ordered on the Blurb website shown below.  You can review and order this book and have it mailed to you directly by using the link below this box. 
The covers of all three books are also shown below the links to the book dealer websites.
These books were produced for the Sowinski family and the collectors of Sowinski art.  The purchase price is for the actual cost of printing, the Sowinski family receives no profit in the sale of these books.
All three links to the book dealers are listed directly below:

A Legacy Of Art, Volume One

A Legacy Of Art, Volume II

A Legacy of Art - Volume III

Welcome to our web site!

This website is pleased to feature exclusively just a few examples of the fine traditional oil and watercolor paintings and the signed limited edition prints that Stanislaus J. Sowinski created during his lifetime.  The purpose of this website is to continue to give the artist a presence on the internet, so that those coming into possession of his works as they are passed down from one generation to the next can learned more about him.  It is not a "selling" site in that most of the original works the artist created over his lifetime are now held in private collections.  A few signed limited edition prints are still available for purchase.  They can be viewed on the Signed Prints page of this website, and purchased by contacting us on the Contact Us page.
The pages (above) are organized by subject matter.  To learn more about the artist himself you'll find lots of background information about Mr. Sowinski and his art on our About The Artist page.  If you see something on this website that you would like to comment on or inquire about, or want to see if it is available for purchase, just go to our Contact Us page and drop us a line and we'll get back to you to let you know about availability.


Copyright protection:
All images in this website are incorporated therein solely for the purpose of depicting items of art that have been created by Stanislaus J. Sowinski, and remain the exclusive property of the estate of the artist and are subject to all appropriate copyright laws.
These images may not be duplicated, copied, distributed, or used in any other manner without the express written permission of the artist's family.  Permission may be requested by calling us or contacting us by email or at the website address shown on the "Contact Us" page of this site.

This website was launched on March 14, 2007.

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