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This page includes several different types of figurative paintings by Stan Sowinski.  They are all rendered in oil.  It's easy to see how Stan was able to capture on canvas the action and vitality, personality, spirit and emotions of people from all walks of life.
Stan Sowinski has always been inspired with the history of the American Indian and the role that the cowboy played in the development and settling of the American Southwest.  These influences are often seen in his depictions of the people he meets and the places he has visited throughout the southwestern United States.  His cowboy art and Indian art paintings are nothing short of superb.  

Stan Sowinski rarely went anywhere without a camera.  Some of his most popular paintings of people were inspired by photographs taken of passersby or spectators at a public event or place.

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This painting is in a private collection

This painting is in a private collection

This painting is in a private collection - Oil on Canvas

This painting is in a private collection - Oil on Canvas

Boy From Second Mesa - Oil on Canvas - 18" X 24" - Private Collection

Winter Rain - Oil on Canvas - 12" X 16" - Private Collection

Piegan Girl on Horseback - Oil on Canvas - 22" X 30" - Private Collection

Young Love - Oil on Panel - 30" X 24"

Little Girl With Orange - Oil on Canvas - 18" X 24" - Private Collection

Tarajumara Madonna - Oil on Canvas - 16" X 20"

Tzotzil Boy and Parrot - Oil on Canvas Panel - 18" X 24"

Yaqui Pascola Dancer - Watercolor on paper - 30" X 22" - Private Collection

Godiva And The Lost Brigade - Oil on Panel - 32" X 40"

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